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Can I place an order with you?2020-04-14T14:08:22-07:00

All of our products are sold exclusively through Authorized Dealers. To find the showroom nearest you, go to the Find a Showroom page.

My tile sample looks different than the website or brochure. How do i know what my tile will really look like?2022-12-30T09:06:42-07:00

When photographing tile for our website and brochures, we make every effort to represent color as accurately as possible. However, even the best digital and print technology cannot replace a real physical sample. We only recommend choosing tile based on real physical samples.

Can you give me design advice?2022-12-30T09:06:42-07:00

While we would love to help you design your space, good design advice is given in person by trained designers who can provide design services specific to your space and help you make the right selections.

Nothing can or should replace the experience of seeing and touching samples in your personal environment. We always recommend visiting your local showroom and introducing yourself to one of their experienced designers.

Can I request a sample from you?2020-04-14T14:08:22-07:00

Samples can be requested from your local showroom. We have over 100 Authorized dealers who will help you select the right product. To find the showroom nearest you, go to the Find a Showroom page.

Can you give me pricing?2020-04-14T14:08:22-07:00

All of our products are sold exclusively through Authorized Dealers. They will be happy to provide you with pricing. To find the showroom nearest you, go to the Find Showroom page.

Where can I find a dealer near me?2022-12-30T09:18:07-07:00

Our products are sold through over 100 authorized showrooms in the United States and Canada. To find the showroom nearest you, go to the Visit a Showroom page.

Are tile sizes on the website true?2022-12-28T09:41:53-07:00

Due to size fluctuation in handcrafted products, all measurements are nominal, or approximate.


How do I cut Astoria sheets?2022-12-30T09:59:51-07:00

Can I order an Ashbury color in a different finish (gloss, crackle, matte)?2022-12-28T09:45:53-07:00

Unfortunately, no.  Developing each Ashbury glaze is actually a highly scientific process.  It takes the trained eye of our talented ceramist hundreds of hours per color to find the right combination of glaze base, natural stains,  minerals and the perfect firing cycle in our kilns to get exactly the right color.  The end result is that the color and the surface finish are one in the same.

Do Ashbury crackle glazes need to be sealed?2022-12-28T09:45:53-07:00

To create a crackle glaze, the glaze surface actually develops cracks (which do not affect the integrity of the tile).  As a result, crackle glazes are more prone to water staining in wet areas and must be sealed prior to installation.  Resealing the area should be repeated every 6 months to help prevent or delay the effects of water staining, though water staining does not affect the integrity of the tile.

Sealing is also recommended for backsplashes to help prevent staining in the cracks from food splashes while cooking.  Unsealed tile may stain.  Resealing the area should be repeated every 6 months to maintain best appearance.

See the Ashbury installation guide for complete information.

Should my Vihara tile be installed with the paper against the wall, or facing out?2023-04-17T16:23:19-07:00

Vihara should always be installed with the paper facing OUT (as per our installation instructions). Paper facing is used on Vihara glass because it is transparent or translucent, where mesh backing will not work. The paper is adhered with a water-soluble glue and will be removed after the mosaic has been seated into the thin-set. DO NOT install the tile with paper embedded into the thin-set.

My Vihara tile cracked when it was installed2022-12-28T09:45:53-07:00

Vihara tile is perfectly imperfect.  Surface folds and shallow cracks are to be expected with this handcrafted product.  They are a surface feature that is present before installation and do not affect the integrity of the tile.  Be aware that the handmade surface of Vihara glass tile will collect grout during the grouting process. The amount of grout “visible” after installation will depend primarily on the contrast between the grout color and tile color, how well the tiles were cleaned before/after grouting, and viewing distance.

BEFORE installing, the installer should carefully read the installation instructions.

How do I cut Vihara sheets?2022-12-30T10:30:42-07:00

What grout and sealer do you recommend?2022-12-28T09:45:52-07:00

For most products, we don’t recommend specific brands. Your professional installer should be able to recommend products suitable for your installation. For Astoria we do recommend specific products. See the Astoria Technical Information sheets for specific recommendations.



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